Dedicated to the Uninfected

Zombie Blog“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle

I used to be shy. Sometimes I still feel the residual effects- afraid to make eye contact, desperate to quiet my beating heart, slow my breathing, present a mask of cool confidence I do not feel because I’m certain if they focus- if their lidless marble eyes linger long enough- they will notice I am human. And I’m certain they will misunderstand me. Judge me. Reject me. Eat my face.

But what if I hold perfectly still, be perfectly quiet, and dissolve into the faceless horde- If I do nothing, say nothing, be a ghost?

I used to be shy- living in a shadowed doorway, observing the stumbling masses around me until one day I realized: I’m not alone in my awkward humanity. There are others. We share this experience.  Imperfect and unique, we feel pain and love, fear, happiness, selfishness and that embarrassing need to be accepted right now. Except the zombies. They feel nothing but a constant, pressing hunger for cerebellum.

I no longer hide. I Do. I Say. And I Be the nerd that I was born to be and then write about it for your amusement. Because a blog is the perfect forum for expressing myself without the added stress of what to do with my hands (palms up held slightly to the right? I never know) -the perfect place to fight for individuality, vent about the joys and failures of motherhood, and discuss the very real downside of being a unicorn.

It is to you- all the individualistic mothers, woman, and uninfected humans that I dedicate this blog. Here’s to our survival.   -Di