Category: Monsters

The Demise of Sleepy Fin

A bedtime story for my girls.

Legolas vs. Spiderman

Little do you know today could be your last. Little can you see the monster waiting around the corner, lurking in the alleyway just beyond those suspicious looking trees. But he sees you.

Monster Safety 101

Regardless of being a twenty-six-year-old woman I am still afraid of the dark- After all, I’m no fool.

Phil, the Disillusioned Vampire

“I hold Stephanie Meyer personally responsible for the domestication of the vampire. She has single-handedly pussified a once formidable monster.”

Zombie at the RC Willey

I know what you’re thinking, “But Diana, aren’t Zombies just fictional monsters found in such hilarious films as “Night of the Living Dead”?” No, my naive back-talking friend, they are real.